Couchbase Mobile for Unity.
The NoSQL database solution for games — everything you need to manage and sync game data across devices and platforms.
Build games faster and easier.
Don’t spend precious development time writing lots of code to manage data and data sync. Couchbase Mobile for Unity stores and securely syncs data across devices and platforms so you can focus on building games your users will absolutely love.
Unity IDE
Couchbase Mobile's database is included as a library in your Unity games and has an easy to use API for managing, querying and syncing game data.
Sync game data.
Manage player and game data on the device and securely sync with the cloud and other devices.
Deliver game updates.
Update game elements and assets without interrupting gameplay or requiring a reinstall.
Enable offline gaming.
Build games that work online and offline without writing networking and sync code.
What the developer community is saying.
With Couchbase Mobile, developers can easily deliver beautiful apps that work online and offline. Couchbase Mobile for Unity will enable the game development community, including Hitcents, to more easily build multi-platform games and worry less about coding for data management or synchronization. This is a game-changer.
Macy Mills
Macy Mills
Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hitcents
Couchbase Mobile for Unity helps game developers go to market more quickly with games their users will love. With features like local data, secure sync, and peer-to-peer support, developers can spend time on game features instead of writing a lot of boiler plate data storage and sync code.
Wayne Carter
Wayne Carter
Chief Architect of Mobile at Couchbase
Get started.
The pre-release of Couchbase Mobile for Unity is available today and can be used with Free and Pro versions of Unity.