Project list and details

Couchbase Server and Client SDKs

This is the core server side of our distributed key-value/document database and its client SDKs.

Couchbase Mobile

A native document database for mobile and embedded devices and components to sync to Couchbase Server.

Couchbase Labs

Couchbase Labs

These projects range from sample applications and examples, to experiments, testing tools, and new projects whose leaders hope it will turn into the next big thing.

Here are a few of the most important and widely-known projects. The full list can be found at  Couchbase Labs on GitHub.

Sponsored by Couchbase, bleve is modern text indexing for Go.

A fast Key-Value storage engine based on a Heirarchical B+-Tree Trie.

A distributed blobstore using Couchbase Server.

An issue tracker using Couchbase Server as the database.

A Couchbase Full Text Server

An open-source project started by the Couchbase Lite Android team that lets Sync Gateways be able to force replicate between each other. It may one day be consumed as a feature into the Sync Gateway project

A project from the Dev Advocate team to be able to interface with a Couchbase Lite instance. This could be great for remote visualization or debugging, or more!

How to contribute code

Whether you have a fix for a typo in a component, a bugfix, or a new feature, we love to receive code from others!

It takes a lot of work to get from a potential new bug fix or feature idea to well-tested shipping code. Our engineers want to help you get there.


  1. Sign our Contributor License Agreement 1:
    1. Join our review site.
    2. Log into the review site.
    3. Fill out the agreement under  Settings > Agreements.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the build and test procedures for the code you’ll be working on.

    Some projects use a simple  GitHub pull request process. Other projects use a  code review process, where one of our engineers will look at your change and run tests to verify your fix.

    Each Couchbase open source project lists a primary technical contact, who can help with the technical aspects of getting a patch accepted.

  3. Reach out to the technical contact for that project and make sure you won’t be duplicating effort.

  1. Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) are common for projects under the Apache license, and typically serve to grant control of the code to a central entity. Because our code is available under the Apache License, signing the CLA doesn’t prevent you from using your code however you like, but it does give Couchbase the ability to defend the source legally and build and maintain a business around the technology.

How to report a bug

If you come across a bug or find something unintuitive about Couchbase, let us know and we’ll work to fix it in the next release.

First, find the relevant issue tracker for the part of Couchbase where you found the bug and then read our guidelines on how we prefer to format bug reports. For immediate help, visit our support page.


  1. Read our guidelines for what makes a useful bug report. Some of these also apply to giving usability feedback.
  2. Find the appropriate project on this page, and click the issue tracker listed for that project.
  3. File your report.