Find an Expert or Champion


  • Expert

    Dave Starling


  • Champion

    Vlado Antanasov

    Android Developer at Ryanair

  • Champion

    Paul Capestany

    Bay Area

  • Champion

    Paul Mietz Egli

    Bay Area
    Software Architect

  • Champion

    George Leon

    Software Architect

  • Champion

    Alex Dorandish

    CEO at Folion Media Solutions

  • Champion

    Thiago Alencar

    Mobile Software Developer

  • Champion

    Sebastien Foutrier


  • Champion

    Vojta Jakubec

    SW Design Engineer Principal

  • Expert

    Brant Burnett

    Software Developer

  • Champion

    Alex Bordei

    Head of Product Management at Bigstep

  • Champion

    Andy Kruth

    Austin COE Lead, Hadoop Architect and Developer at Avalon Consulting

  • Champion

    Joel Ruisi

    Senior Consultant, Avalon Consulting

  • Champion

    Michael Hirschberg

    Senior System Engineer

  • Champion

    Tom Coates

    Seattle, WA
    Sr. Principal Architect

  • Champion

    Ian Merrington

    NoSQL Dev Op Engineer

  • Champion

    Abbas Ahmed

    Principal Database Engineer

  • Champion

    Zijun Yang

    System Architect

  • Champion

    Shivansh Srivastava

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Champion

    André Vellori

    Technical Lead

  • Champion

    Iain Cartledge

    Cambridge (UK)
    Software architect and systems engineer

  • Champion

    Ratnopam Chakrabarti

    Plano, Texas
    AWS Certified Solution Architect

  • Champion

    Clinton van Blommestein

    Durban Area
    Senior Developer Level 2 (Solutions Architecture)

Membership and Benefits

Become a Champion

The  Couchbase Champion program is open to anyone who engages with the Couchbase community in any one of the following ways:

  • Solving problems and provide answers to questions posted on the  Couchbase Forums.
  • Organizing or regularly attending  Couchbase meet-ups and engaging in conversations and Q&A.
  • Blogging and tweeting in response to community questions.
  • Speaking at industry and/or Couchbase hosted events.

Champion Benefits

Couchbase recognizes Couchbase Champions in a couple ways:

  • A Couchbase champion t-shirt.
  • Two Couchbase Champions will be selected to go to either Couchbase Live Europe or Connect.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Couchbase Champion then email us, detailing your work in Couchbase and why you should be our champion!

Email Us

Become an Expert

The  Couchbase Developer Expert (CDE) program is an invitation only-program that recognizes elite contributors to the Couchbase Open Source Project.

Unlike a Couchbase Champion, who may only participate with the community through a single channel, a CDE participates in a variety of activities:

  • Actively running Couchbase-related code in production. This could be an application that uses Couchbase Mobile in one of the app stores, an application or service that uses Couchbase Server tooling for Couchbase that's freely available (e.g. Reactive Couchbase or the Titanium wrapper for Lite), or code committed in a Couchbase project (e.g. the Java SDK).
  • Supporting the Couchbase Open Source Project and expanding the community through contributions to mailing lists, forums, blogs, Twitter, meet-ups and other channels as well as speaking at various industry or Couchbase hosted events.
  • Demonstrating knowledge expertise in at least one particular area, e.g. working with the Python SDK, deep knowledge of Couchbase Mobile for Android or iOS, etc.

Expert Benefits

Couchbase recognizes Couchbase Developer Experts in several ways:

  • A profile on the Couchbase Developer Expert page.
  • An invitation to Couchbase Connect, Couchbase’s annual summit in the San Francisco area.
  • Invitation to participate in an annual one day community summit at Couchbase Connect.
  • An early introduction to and the opportunity to influence and contribute to features in development.
  • Announcing new members and their exceptional contributions to the community.
  • Recognition at Couchbase Connect and Couchbase Live events.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Couchbase Developer Expert then email us, detailing your work in Couchbase and why you should be our expert!

Email Us