Provides detailed information on per-vbucket checkpoint data structure.


Request syntax:

cbstats [host]:11210 checkpoint			


This command provides detailed information on per-vbucket checkpoint data structure.

Note: Requesting checkpoint stats impacts the performance and should not be used frequently.
Table 1. cbstats checkpoint values
Stat Description
cursor_name:cursor_checkpoint_id Checkpoint ID at which the cursor ‘cursor_name’ is pointing now.
open_checkpoint_id ID of the current open checkpoint.
num_tap_cursors Number of referencing TAP cursors.
num_checkpoint_items Number of total items in a checkpoint data structure.
num_open_checkpoint_items Number of items in the open checkpoint.
num_checkpoints Number of checkpoints in a checkpoint data structure.
num_items_for_persistence Number of items remaining for persistence.
checkpoint_extension True if the open checkpoint is in the extension mode.
state The state of the vbucket for which this checkpoint contfaiuns data.
last_closed_checkpoint_id The last closed checkpoint number.
persisted_checkpoint_id The last persisted checkpoint number.


The following are the command options:

Table 2. checkpoint options
Options Description
-h, --help Shows the help message and exits.
-b [bucket-name] The vBucket to get the status from. Default: default
-p [password] The password for the vBucket if one exists.


Request example:

cbstats checkpoint			


 vb_0:last_closed_checkpoint_id:    1
 vb_0:num_checkpoint_items:         1
 vb_0:num_checkpoints:              1
 vb_0:num_items_for_persistence:    0
 vb_0:num_open_checkpoint_items:    0
 vb_0:num_tap_cursors:              0
 vb_0:open_checkpoint_id:           2
 vb_0:persisted_checkpoint_id:      1
 vb_0:state:                        active
 vb_9:last_closed_checkpoint_id:    1
 vb_9:num_checkpoint_items:         1
 vb_9:num_checkpoints:              1
 vb_9:num_items_for_persistence:    0
 vb_9:num_open_checkpoint_items:    0
 vb_9:num_tap_cursors:              0
 vb_9:open_checkpoint_id:           2
 vb_9:persisted_checkpoint_id:      1
 vb_9:state:                        active