Provides information on keys.


Request syntax:

cbstats [hostname]:11210 vkey [keyname] [vbid]			


The following key information is available.

Stat Description K/V
key_cas The keys current cas value KV
key_data_age How long the key has waited for its value to be persisted (0 if clean) KV
key_exptime Expiration time from the epoch KV
key_flags Flags for this key KV
key_is_dirty If the value is not yet persisted KV
key_valid See description below V
key_vb_state The vbucket state of this key KV

key_valid= can have the following responses:

  • this_is_a_bug: Some case we didn’t take care of.
  • dirty:The value in memory has not been persisted yet.
  • length_mismatch: The key length in memory doesn’t match the length on the disk.
  • data_mismatch: The data in memory doesn’t match the data on disk.
  • flags_mismatch: The flags in memory don’t match the flags on disk.
  • valid: The key is both on disk and in memory
  • ram_but_not_disk: The value doesn’t exist yet on disk.
  • item_deleted: The item has been deleted.


Table 1. vkey options
Option Description
KEYNAME Name of the key.
VBID vBucket ID.



cbstats vkey foo 115