Getting XDCR Stats

Getting XDCR Stats

All XDCR statistical requests use the UUID, a unique identifier for destination cluster. The UUID is retrieved with the GET /pools/default/remoteClusters HTTP method and URI. Many of these statistics are exposed in the Couchbase Web Console.

Important: You need to provide a properly URL-encoded URI string for the destination endpoint when requesting XDCR statistics.

HTTP method and URI

The destination endpoint follows the /pools/default/buckets/@xdcr_[bucket_name]/stats/ URI endpoint:

GET /pools/default/buckets/@xdcr_[bucket_name]/stats/[destination_endpoint]               

Where the destination endpoint is:


Where the HTTP endpoint string with full URI is:

http://[localhost]:[port]/pools/default/buckets/[bucket_name]/stats/replications/ \

Where the HTTP string with a properly URL-encoded URI is:

http://[localhost]:[port]/pools/default/buckets/[bucket_name]/stats/ \
Stat name Description
bandwidth_usage Bandwidth used during replication, measured in bytes per second.
changes_left Number of updates still pending replication.
data_replicated Size of data replicated in bytes.
docs_checked Number of documents checked for changes.
docs_failed_cr_source Number of documents that have failed conflict resolution on the source cluster and not replicated to target cluster.
docs_filtered Number of documents that have been filtered out and not replicated to target cluster.
docs_latency_wt Weighted average latency for sending replicated changes to destination cluster.
docs_opt_repd Number of docs sent optimistically.
docs_received_from_dcp Number of documents received from DCP.
docs_rep_queue Number of documents in replication queue.
docs_written Number of documents written to the destination cluster via XDCR.
meta_latency_wt Weighted average time for requesting document metadata. XDCR uses this for conflict resolution prior to sending the document into the replication queue.
num_checkpoints Number of checkpoints issued in replication queue.
num_failedckpts Number of checkpoints failed during replication.
rate_received_from_dcp Number of documents received from DCP per second.
rate_replication Rate of documents being replicated, measured in documents per second.
size_rep_queue Size of replication queue in bytes.
time_committing Seconds elapsed during replication.