Migrating from Relational Databases

Migrating from Relational Databases

Migration guidelines for relational database users. In this section, we use MySQL as an example relational database.

When migrating from MySQL to Couchbase Server, there are several things that you might want to think about, starting with the data model, data types, and feature set differences.

Data Model – Mapping from MySQL to Couchbase Server

Data modeling for RDBMS has been a well-defined discipline for many years. Professionals, including novice users, have been practicing techniques such as logical to physical mapping and normalization / de-normalization. However, the old-school RDBMS data modeling techniques still play a meaningful role for those who are new to the NoSQL technology.

Table 1. Concept mapping between MySQL and Couchbase Server
MySQL Couchbase Server
Database Bucket
Table Bucket(s)/Keyspaces
Row Document
Column Field
Fixed schema Flexible schema
Table 2. Datatype mapping between MySQL and Couchbase Server
Data type MySQL Couchbase Server
Case sensitive Yes/No Yes
Numbers Yes Yes
String Yes Yes
Boolean Yes (as tinyint) Yes
Date time Yes Yes (as a string in JSON)
Spatial data Yes Yes
NULL Yes Yes
Object/Arrays No Yes
Blobs Yes Yes

Feature Set

Like MySQL, Couchbase Server offers a rich set of features and functionality far beyond those offered in simple key-value stores.

With Couchbase Server, you also get an expressive SQL-like query language and query engine called N1QL, which is combined with a new powerful indexing mechanism – global secondary indexes.

Table 3. Feature differences between MySQL and Couchbase Server
Feature Key difference
Keys/Indexes Primary keys on keys of (key, value) pair
SQL statements
  1. The result is set in JSON instead of rows and columns.
  3. Operations on datetime fields require datetime functions in N1QL.
  4. JSON-induced functions in N1QL: JSON, Object, and array functions.
  5. Type and comparison functions.
  6. JOIN, sub-query format differences.
  7. USING KEYS and ON KEYS functions
Explain and metadata Variation in command and results (JSON).

ETL Tools

You might have a spectrum of relational, operational, and analytical data sources in your environment. You might also need more sophistication applied to a data movement situation, such as more than just simple extract-load. In a case like that, you can use an extract-transform-load (ETL) tool such as Talend. With Talend, you can easily move data between Couchbase Server and any other data source.