Provides information about the type of all buckets, or whether they are active or replica.


Request syntax for vBucket:

cbstats [host]:11210 vbucket
        cbstats [host]:11210 vbucket-details [vbid]
        cbstats [host]:11210 vbucket-seqno [vbid]     

These requests are used as follows:

  • vbucket: Lists all available vBuckets and provides information about their type: active or replica.
  • vbucket-details: Uses the option VBID or vBucket ID to provide details about a specific vBucket.
  • vbucket-seqno: Uses the option VBID or vBucket ID to provide details connected to the vBucket's sequence number.


The vbucket command shows whether a vBucket is an active or a replica vBucket.

Table 1. vBucket stats
Stat Description
ep_vb_total Total vBuckets (count).
curr_items_tot Total number of items.
curr_items Number of active items in memory.
curr_temp_items Number of temporary items in memory.
vb_dead_num Number of dead vBuckets.
ep_diskqueue_items Total items in disk queue.
ep_diskqueue_memory Total memory used in disk queue.
ep_diskqueue_fill Total enqueued items on disk queue.
ep_diskqueue_drain Total drained items on disk queue.
ep_diskqueue_pending Total bytes of pending writes.
ep_vb_snapshot_total Total VB state snapshots persisted in disk.
ep_meta_data_memory Total memory used by meta data.

Description of replica vBucket satistics.

Table 2. Active vBucket stats
Stat Description
vb_active_num Number of active vBuckets
vb_active_curr_items Number of in memory items
vb_active_num_non_resident Number of non-resident items
vb_active_perc_mem_resident % memory resident
vb_active_eject Number of times item values got ejected
vb_active_expired Number of times an item was expired
vb_active_ht_memory Memory overhead of the hashtable
vb_active_itm_memory Total item memory
vb_active_meta_data_memory Total metadata memory
vb_active_ops_create Number of create operations
vb_active_ops_update Number of update operations
vb_active_ops_delete Number of delete operations
vb_active_ops_reject Number of rejected operations
vb_active_queue_size Active items in disk queue
vb_active_queue_memory Memory used for disk queue
vb_active_queue_age Sum of disk queue item age in milliseconds
vb_active_queue_pending Total bytes of pending writes
vb_active_queue_fill Total enqueued items
vb_active_queue_drain Total drained items

Description of replica vBucket satistics.

Table 3. Replica vBucket stats
Stat Description
vb_replica_num Number of replica vBuckets
vb_replica_curr_items Number of in memory items
vb_replica_num_non_resident Number of non-resident items
vb_replica_perc_mem_resident % memory resident
vb_replica_eject Number of times item values got ejected
vb_replica_expired Number of times an item was expired
vb_replica_ht_memory Memory overhead of the hashtable
vb_replica_itm_memory Total item memory
vb_replica_meta_data_memory Total metadata memory
vb_replica_ops_create Number of create operations
vb_replica_ops_update Number of update operations
vb_replica_ops_delete Number of delete operations
vb_replica_ops_reject Number of rejected operations
vb_replica_queue_size Replica items in disk queue
vb_replica_queue_memory Memory used for disk queue
vb_replica_queue_age Sum of disk queue item age in milliseconds
vb_replica_queue_pending Total bytes of pending writes
vb_replica_queue_fill Total enqueued items
vb_replica_queue_drain Total drained items


Table 4. vbucket options
Option Description
VBID vBucket ID.


Example requests:

cbstats vbucket
cbstats vbucket-details 115
cbstats vbucket-seqno 115


Example response for vbucket:

 vb_0:    replica
 vb_1:    replica
 vb_10:   replica
 vb_100:  active
 vb_1000: replica
 vb_1001: replica
 vb_1002: replica
 vb_1003: replica
 vb_1004: replica
 vb_1005: replica

Example response for vbucket-details:

 vb_115:                  active
 vb_115:db_data_size:     174
 vb_115:db_file_size:     24622
 vb_115:high_seqno:       0
 vb_115:ht_cache_size:    0
 vb_115:ht_item_memory:   0
 vb_115:ht_memory:        25096
 vb_115:num_ejects:       0
 vb_115:num_items:        0
 vb_115:num_non_resident: 0
 vb_115:num_temp_items:   0
 vb_115:ops_create:       0
 vb_115:ops_delete:       0
 vb_115:ops_reject:       0
 vb_115:ops_update:       0
 vb_115:pending_writes:   0
 vb_115:purge_seqno:      0
 vb_115:queue_age:        0
 vb_115:queue_drain:      0
 vb_115:queue_fill:       0
 vb_115:queue_memory:     0
 vb_115:queue_size:       0
 vb_115:uuid:             219212055839841     

Example response for vbucket-seqno:

 vb_115:abs_high_seqno: 0
 vb_115:high_seqno:     0
 vb_115:purge_seqno:    0
 vb_115:uuid:           219212055839841