Download and API Reference

Download and API Reference

Download and installation can be achieved through either the use of npm or by cloning the repository directly.

Current Release (2.1.4)

Installing Couchnode is similar to installing most other Node.js modules. Use npm to install the couchbase module:

$ npm install couchbase
Note: On non-Windows platforms, you must have node-gyp installed and a build environment available because the Couchbase SDK module takes advantage of V8 add-on capabilities (written in C/C++). On Windows, the module comes with prebuilt libraries.

To install the Node.js with SSL support, install the libcouchbase library (not necessary for non-SSL installs) and point npm to it during the install. This method also allows you to use a custom libcouchbase edition if necessary:

$ npm install couchbase --couchbase-root=~/libcouchbase

Previous Releases

Previous releases are also available through npm, just provide the specific version you want to install at the command line:

$ npm install couchbase@2.0.0