Managing diagnostics

Managing diagnostics

You can collect and upload logs via Log > Collect Information panel
  1. Click Collect Information .
  2. In the Collect Information window, select the nodes you want to report on.

    You can choose to report on all accessible nodes or select one or more specific accessible nodes. You can collect information only from accessible nodes. Accessible nodes are nodes that are in the Up or Pending state. You cannot select nodes in the Down state because they cannot respond to cluster messages.

    Option Description
    All accessible nodes Collects logs for all accessible nodes in the cluster.
    Selected nodes Collects logs for a subset of the nodes in the cluster.
  3. If you want to send the report to Couchbase, select the Upload to Couchbase check box and fill in the additional fields.

    The Upload to Couchbase check box is selected by default. The additional fields are:

    • Upload to host —enter the name of the host that you want the logs uploaded to. The host name can be either your own server or a specific server to which Couchbase support asked you to upload the files.
    • Customer name —enter the name of your company. This field is used to create file names for the logs and the URL that the files are uploaded to.
    • Ticket number —enter the Couchbase support ticket number associated with the request for logs. This field is optional, but if specified it is used as a path component of the URL that the files are uploaded to.
  4. Click Collect .

    The Collect Results window appears and begins to display the status of the collection process. The status display continues to update until the collection process is complete. The current status of each node is displayed. The node statuses are:

    • Pending —collection hasn’t started on the node.
    • Collection in progress —collection is currently running on the node.
    • Collected —collection is complete. This status is displayed only if the logs will not be uploaded to a server.
    • Uploaded —collection is complete and the logs have been uploaded to a server.
    • Failed to collect —collection was unsuccessful. When available, additional information about the failure is shown in the Details column.
    • Collected, failed to upload —collection was successful, but the logs could not be uploaded. When available, additional information about the failure is shown in the Details column.
    • Cancelled —the user canceled collection for this node.
  5. View the results.

    After the collection process finishes, the Collection Results window contains a summary of the collection process result. The summary contains the following lists:

    • Logs that were successfully uploaded. The list includes the destination URL for each log file. If you didn't choose to upload the files to Couchbase, you can use this information to locate the files and upload them manually.
    • Logs that were collected but couldn't be uploaded. The list includes the node and path for each log file that couldn't be uploaded.
    • Nodes that could not be collected from.