Monitoring replication status

Monitoring replication status

Replication status is monitored via the XDCR and Data Buckets tabs.

The following Couchbase Web Console areas contains information about replication via XDCR:

  • The XDCR tab.
  • The outgoing XDCR section under the Data Buckets tab.

The Couchbase Web Console displays replication from the cluster it belongs to. Therefore, when you view the console from a particular cluster, it will display any replications configured, or replications in progress for that particular source cluster. If you want to view information about replications at a destination cluster, you need to open the console at that cluster. Therefore, when configuring bidirectional, use the web consoles that belong to the source and destination clusters to monitor both clusters.

Any errors that occur during replication appear in the XDCR errors panel. The following example shows the errors that occur if replication streams from XDCR fail due to the missing vBuckets: