Modifying XDCR settings

Modifying XDCR settings

To modify XDCR advanced settings, use either the Couchbase Server CLI or REST API.

Besides Couchbase Web Console, you can use several Couchbase REST API endpoints to modify XDCR settings. Some of these settings are references used in XDCR and some of these settings will change XDCR behavior or performance:

For the XDCR retry interval, you can provide an environment variable or make a PUT request. By default if XDCR is unable to replicate for any reason like network failures, it will stop and try to reach the remote cluster every 30 seconds if the network is back, XDCR will resume replicating. You can change this default behavior by changing an environment variable or by changing the server parameter xdcr_failure_restart_interval with a PUT request:

Note: If you are using XDCR on multiple nodes in cluster and want to change this setting throughout the cluster, you must perform this operation on every node in the cluster.
  • By an environment variable:

  • By server setting:

curl -X POST 
  http://Administrator: asdasd@ 
  -d 'rpc:call(node(), ns_config, set, [xdcr_failure_restart_interval, 60]).'

You can put the system environment variable in a system configuration file on your nodes. When the server restarts, it loads this parameter. If both the environment variable and the server parameter are set, the value for the environment parameter will supersede.