Pausing XDCR replication streams

Pausing XDCR replication streams

XDCR replication is paused and resumed using the /settings/replications/ URI path and the pauseRequested option.

HTTP method and URI

POST /settings/replications/
POST /settings/replications/[replication_id]
Table 1. XDCR URI paths for settings
URI path Description
/settings/replications/ Global setting supplied to all replications for a cluster.
/settings/replications/[replication_id] Settings for specific replication for a bucket.
Table 2. XDCR advanced settings
Parameter Value Description
pauseRequested Boolean (true or false) Specify true to pause the replication. Specify false to continue replication. Initially set to false.


# curl -X POST -u [admin]:[password] http://[localhost]:8091/settings/replications -d pauseRequested=[true | false]    


# curl -X POST -u Administrator:password -d pauseRequested=true