Managing advanced XDCR settings

Managing advanced XDCR settings

The XDCR advanced settings change replication behavior, performance, and timing.

HTTP method and URI

The URI endpoints are available to change global settings for cluster replications and to change settings for a specific replication ID.

POST /settings/replications/
POST /settings/replications/[replication_id]
Table 1. XDCR URI paths for settings
URI path Description
/settings/replications/ Global setting supplied to all replications for a cluster.
/settings/replications/[replication-id] Settings for a specific replication for a bucket.


Curl request syntax:

curl -u [admin]:[password] -X GET http://[localhost]:8091/settings/replication
curl -u [admin]:[password] -X GET http://[localhost]:8091/settings/replication/[replication-id]


The following example retrieves all replication settings:

GET /settings/replications

// Curl example
curl -u Administrator:password

// Results
    "checkpointInterval": 1800, 
    "connectionTimeout": 180, 
    "docBatchSizeKb": 2048, 
    "failureRestartInterval": 30, 
    "httpConnections": 20, 
    "maxConcurrentReps": 16, 
    "optimisticReplicationThreshold": 256, 
    "pauseRequested": false, 
    "retriesPerRequest": 2, 
    "socketOptions": {
        "keepalive": true, 
        "nodelay": false
    "supervisorMaxR": 25, 
    "supervisorMaxT": 5, 
    "workerBatchSize": 500, 
    "workerProcesses": 4

XDCR advanced settings

The following parameters are used for setting all replications globally or setting a specific replication ID.

Table 2. XDCR advanced settings
Parameter Value Description
checkpointInterval Integer (10 to 14400). Default: 1800. Web console equivalent: XDCR Checkpoint Interval.
connectionTimeout Integer (10 to 10000) Default: 180.
docBatchSizeKb Integer (10 to 10000) Default: 2048. Web console equivalent: XDCR Batch Size (kilobytes).
failureRestartInterval Integer (1 to 300) Default: 30. Web console equivalent: XDCR Failure Retry Interval.
httpConnections Integer (1 to 100) Default: 20. Number of maximum simultaneous HTTP connections used.
maxConcurrentReps Integer (2 to 256) Default: 16. Web console equivalent: XDCR Max Replications per Bucket.
optimisticReplicationThreshold Integer (0 to (20*1024*1024)) Default: 256. Web console equivalent: XDCR Optimistic Replication Threshold.
pauseRequested Boolean (true or false) Initially set at false. Web console via XDCR > Ongoing replications > Status . Pauses the XDCR replication stream.
retriesPerRequest Integer (1 to 100) Default: 2
socketOptions Term. Additional parameters are keepalive (true or false) and nodelay (false or true).
supervisorMaxR Integer (1 to 1000) Default: 25
supervisorMaxT Integer (1 to 1000) Default: 5
workerProcesses Integer (1 to 128) Default: 4. Web console equivalent: XDCR Workers per Replication. The number of worker processes for each vbucket replicator in XDCR. This setting is available with memcached or REST.
workerBatchSize Integer (500 to 10000) Default: 500. Web console equivalent: XDCR Batch Count.