Getting server group information

Getting server group information

Server group information is retrieved with the GET /pools/default/serverGroups HTTP method and URI.

HTTP method and URI

GET /pools/default/serverGroups retrieves information about server groups. Provides group information, "groups": [(<groupInfo>)+] , where each server group has unique URIs and UUIDs.

GET /pools/default/serverGroups       


curl -X GET -u <administrator>:<password> 


curl -X GET -u Admin:myPassword


      "uri": "/pools/default/serverGroups?rev=<integer>",
Group arguments Description
"groups": [(<groupInfo>)+] Information about server groups.
"name":"<groupName>" Specifies the name of the group. If the group name has a space, for example, Group A, use double quotes (for example, "Group A" ). If the name does not have spaces (for example, GroupA) double quotes are not required.
"uri":"/pools/default/serverGroups?rev=<integer>" Specifies the URI path and revision integer.
"uri":"/pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>" Specifies the URI path and UUID string.
"addNodeURI":"/pools/default/serverGroups/<:uuid>/addNode Specifies the URI path and UUID string for adding servers to a server group.
"nodes": [(<nodeInfo>+)] Information about the servers.