Creating a new cluster

Creating a new cluster

Clusters are created by setting up a cluster with an initial Couchbase server node.


Whether you are adding a node to an existing cluster or starting a new cluster, the node’s disk path must be configured. Your next steps depends on whether you create a new cluster or add a node to an existing cluster. If you create a new cluster, secure it by providing an administrative username and password. If you add a node to an existing cluster, obtain the URI and credentials to use the REST API with that cluster.

The following is the procedure for provisioning a new cluster:
  • Initialize the node
  • Rename the node
  • Establish the administrator name and password
  • Setup bucket parameters

HTTP method and URI

The following HTTP method and URI endpoints are used for this provisioning procedure:

POST /nodes/self/controller/settings
POST /node/controller/rename
POST /settings/web
POST /pools/default/buckets