Deleting design documents

Deleting design documents

To delete a design document, use the DELETE /buckets/_design/[ddocs-name] HTTP request and URI on the 8092 port.


Deleting a design document immediately invalidates the design document and all views and indexes associated with it. The indexes and stored data on disk are removed in the background.

HTTP method and URI

The design document name follows the /bucket/_design URI.

DELETE /bucket/_design/[ddoc-name]
Request Data Design document definition (JSON)
Response Data Success and confirmed design document ID
Authentication Required Optional


Curl request syntax:

curl -v -X DELETE 
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
  -u [admin]:[password]
Important: The request is issued on the 8092 port.


Curl request example:

curl -v -X DELETE


When the design document has been successfully removed, the JSON returned indicates successful completion and confirmation of the remova.


Error conditions are returned if the authorization is incorrect or the specified design document cannot be found.

Response codes

Response codes Description
200 Request completed successfully.
401 The item requested was not available using the supplied authorization, or authorization was not supplied.
404 The requested content could not be found. The returned content includes further information, as a JSON object, if available.