Compacting buckets

Compacting buckets

Bucket compaction is initiated with the POST /pools/default/buckets/[bucket-name]/controller/compactBucket HTTP method and URI

HTTP method and URI

The following URI paths are for compacting buckets data and indexes and for cancelling bucket compaction.

// Compacting
POST /pools/default/buckets/[bucket-name]/controller/compactBucket

// Cancelling compaction
POST /pools/default/buckets/[bucket-name]/controller/cancelBucketCompaction

Note: Administrative credentials must be provided for the node in the cluster.

Syntax for compaction

To compact data files and indexes associated with a specific bucket, use the following curl request syntax:

curl -i -v -X POST -u [admin]:[password] 

Syntax for cancelling compaction

To stop bucket compaction, use the following curl request syntax:

curl -i -v -X POST -u [admin]:[password] 


Curl example for compacting the default bucket:

curl -i -v -X POST -u Administrator:password