Viewing cluster details

Viewing cluster details

Cluster details are retrieved with GET /pools/default HTTP method and URI.


At the highest level, the response for this request describes a cluster, as mentioned previously. The response contains a number of properties which define attributes of the cluster and controllers which enable you to make certain requests of the cluster.

Warning: Since buckets could be renamed and there is no way to determine the name for the default bucket for a cluster, the system attempts to connect non-SASL, non-proxied to a bucket named "default". If it does not exist, Couchbase Server drops the connection.

Do not rely on the server list returned by this request to connect to a Couchbase Server. Instead, issue an HTTP GET call to the bucket to get the node list for that specific bucket.

HTTP method and URI

GET /pools/default

The controllers in the server list all accept parameters as x-www-form-urlencoded , and perform the following functions:

Table 1. Controller parameters
Function Description
ejectNode Eject a node from the cluster. Required parameter: “otpNode”, the node to be ejected.
addNode Add a node to this cluster. Required parameters: “hostname”, “user” and “password”. Username and password are for the Administrator for this node.
rebalance Rebalance the existing cluster. This controller requires both “knownNodes” and “ejectedNodes”. This enables a client to state the existing known nodes and designate which nodes should be removed from the cluster in a single operation. To ensure no cluster state changes have occurred since a client last got a list of nodes, both the known nodes and the node to be ejected must be supplied. If the list does not match the set of nodes, the request will fail with an HTTP 400 indicating a mismatch. Note rebalance progress is available via the rebalanceProgress uri.
failover Failover the vBuckets from a given node to the nodes which have replicas of data for those vBuckets. The “otpNode” parameter is required and specifies the node to be failed over.
reAddNode The “otpNode” parameter is required and specifies the node to be re-added.
stopRebalance Stop any rebalance operation currently running. This takes no parameters.


Curl request syntax:

curl -u [admin]:[password] http://[localhost]:8091/pools/default

HTTP request syntax:

GET /pools/default
Host: localhost:8091
Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Accept: application/json
X-memcachekv-Store-Client-Specification-Version: 0.1


To send a request using curl:

curl -u Administrator:password


  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                 Dload  Upload   Total   Spent    Left  Speed
100  3784  100  3784    0     0   501k      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--  527k
    "alerts": [], 
    "alertsSilenceURL": "/controller/resetAlerts?token=0&uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
    "autoCompactionSettings": {
        "databaseFragmentationThreshold": {
            "percentage": 30, 
            "size": "undefined"
        "parallelDBAndViewCompaction": false, 
        "viewFragmentationThreshold": {
            "percentage": 30, 
            "size": "undefined"
    "buckets": {
        "terseBucketsBase": "/pools/default/b/", 
        "terseStreamingBucketsBase": "/pools/default/bs/", 
        "uri": "/pools/default/buckets?v=109484346&uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
    "controllers": {
        "addNode": {
            "uri": "/controller/addNode?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "clusterLogsCollection": {
            "cancelURI": "/controller/cancelLogsCollection?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
            "startURI": "/controller/startLogsCollection?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "ejectNode": {
            "uri": "/controller/ejectNode?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "failOver": {
            "uri": "/controller/failOver?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "reAddNode": {
            "uri": "/controller/reAddNode?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "reFailOver": {
            "uri": "/controller/reFailOver?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "rebalance": {
            "uri": "/controller/rebalance?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "replication": {
            "createURI": "/controller/createReplication?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
            "validateURI": "/controller/createReplication?just_validate=1"
        "setAutoCompaction": {
            "uri": "/controller/setAutoCompaction?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
            "validateURI": "/controller/setAutoCompaction?just_validate=1"
        "setFastWarmup": {
            "uri": "/controller/setFastWarmup?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
            "validateURI": "/controller/setFastWarmup?just_validate=1"
        "setRecoveryType": {
            "uri": "/controller/setRecoveryType?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
        "startGracefulFailover": {
            "uri": "/controller/startGracefulFailover?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5"
    "counters": {}, 
    "fastWarmupSettings": {
        "fastWarmupEnabled": true, 
        "minItemsThreshold": 10, 
        "minMemoryThreshold": 10
    "maxBucketCount": 10, 
    "name": "default", 
    "nodeStatusesUri": "/nodeStatuses", 
    "nodes": [
            "clusterCompatibility": 196608, 
            "clusterMembership": "active", 
            "couchApiBase": "", 
            "hostname": "", 
            "interestingStats": {
                "cmd_get": 0, 
                "couch_docs_actual_disk_size": 34907796, 
                "couch_docs_data_size": 33648640, 
                "couch_views_actual_disk_size": 0, 
                "couch_views_data_size": 0, 
                "curr_items": 0, 
                "curr_items_tot": 0, 
                "ep_bg_fetched": 0, 
                "get_hits": 0, 
                "mem_used": 66961824, 
                "ops": 0, 
                "vb_replica_curr_items": 0
            "mcdMemoryAllocated": 3159, 
            "mcdMemoryReserved": 3159, 
            "memoryFree": 2939863040, 
            "memoryTotal": 4140740608, 
            "os": "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu", 
            "otpCookie": "cjcmfayctwcdgpbk", 
            "otpNode": "ns_1@", 
            "ports": {
                "direct": 11210, 
                "httpsCAPI": 18092, 
                "httpsMgmt": 18091, 
                "proxy": 11211, 
                "sslProxy": 11214
            "recoveryType": "none", 
            "status": "healthy", 
            "systemStats": {
                "cpu_utilization_rate": 1.256281407035176, 
                "mem_free": 2939863040, 
                "mem_total": 4140740608, 
                "swap_total": 6140452864, 
                "swap_used": 0
            "thisNode": true, 
            "uptime": "1815879", 
            "version": "3.0.0-1209-rel-enterprise"
    "rebalanceProgressUri": "/pools/default/rebalanceProgress", 
    "rebalanceStatus": "none", 
    "remoteClusters": {
        "uri": "/pools/default/remoteClusters?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
        "validateURI": "/pools/default/remoteClusters?just_validate=1"
    "serverGroupsUri": "/pools/default/serverGroups?v=122320066", 
    "stopRebalanceUri": "/controller/stopRebalance?uuid=995618a6a6cc9ac79731bd13240e19b5", 
    "storageTotals": {
        "hdd": {
            "free": 46188516230, 
            "quotaTotal": 56327458816, 
            "total": 56327458816, 
            "used": 10138942586, 
            "usedByData": 34907796
        "ram": {
            "quotaTotal": 536870912, 
            "quotaTotalPerNode": 536870912, 
            "quotaUsed": 536870912, 
            "quotaUsedPerNode": 536870912, 
            "total": 4140740608, 
            "used": 3895349248, 
            "usedByData": 66961824
    "tasks": {
        "uri": "/pools/default/tasks?v=67144358"
    "visualSettingsUri": "/internalSettings/visual?v=7111573"