Managing auto-failover

Managing auto-failover

Auto-failover is managed with with the GET /settings/autoFailover HTTP method and URI.


This section provides information about retrieving, enabling, disabling and resetting auto-failover.

Table 1. Auto-failover endpoints
HTTP method URI path Description
GET /settings/autoFailover Retrieves automatic failover settings. Parameters include:
  • Enabled=[true |falue] : True to enable failover; false to disable failover.
  • timeout=[value] : Integer between 30 and 3600. Specifies the amount of time (in seconds) that a node is down before failover in initiated.
  • count= [0|1] : Value is 0 or 1. It shows whether any node in a cluster can be automatically failed-over.

    After one auto-failover occurs, the count is set to 1 and Couchbase Server does not perform another auto-failover for the cluster unless the count is reset to 0. To failover more than one node at a time in a cluster, perform a manual failover.

POST /settings/autoFailover Enables and disables automatic failover. To enable or disable failover, use the enabled=[true | false] parameter. To specify the number of seconds that a node must be down before initiating failover, use the timeout parameter.
POST /settings/autoFailover/resetCount Resets automatic failover count to 0.