Stats and Port 11210

Stats and Port 11210

In a Couchbase Server cluster, any communication (stats or data) to a port other than 11210 will result in the request going through a Moxi process. This means that any stats request will be aggregated across the cluster and may produce some inconsistencies or confusion when looking at stats that cannot be aggregated.

In general, it is best to run all your stat commands against port 11210 which will always give you the information for the specific node that you are sending the request to. It is a best practice to then aggregate the relevant data across nodes at a higher level (in your own script or monitoring system).

When you run the below commands (and all stats commands) without supplying a bucket name and/or password, they will return results for the default bucket and produce an error if one does not exist.

To access a bucket other than the default, you will need to supply the bucket name and password on the end of the command. Any bucket created on a dedicated port does not require a password.

The TCP/IP port allocation on Windows by default includes a restricted number of ports available for client communication.