General tips

General tips

General tips include various initial diagnostics activities.

The following are some general tips that may be useful before performing any more detailed investigations:

  • Try pinging the node.

  • Try connecting to Couchbase Server Web Console on the node.

  • Try to use telnet to connect to the various ports that Couchbase Server uses.

  • Try reloading the web page.

  • Check firewall settings (if any) on the node. Make sure there isn’t a firewall between you and the node. On a Windows system, for example, the Windows firewall might be blocking the ports (Control Panel > Windows Firewall).

  • Make sure that the documented ports are open between nodes and make sure the data operation ports are available to clients.

  • Check your browser’s security settings.

  • Check any other security software installed on your system, such as antivirus programs.

  • Generate a Diagnostic Report for use by Couchbase Technical Support to help determine what the problem is. There are two ways of collecting this information:

    • Click Generate Diagnostic Report on the Log page to obtain a snapshot of your system’s configuration and log information for deeper analysis. You must send this file to Couchbase.

    • Run the cbcollect_info on each node within your cluster. To run, you must specify the name of the file to be generated:

    > cbcollect_info

    This will create a Zip file with the specified name. You must run each command individually on each node within the cluster. You can then send each file to Couchbase for analysis.