Uninstalling on Mac OS X

Uninstalling on Mac OS X

To uninstall Couchbase Server follow these steps.

Before removing the Couchbase Server

  1. Shut down Couchbase Server.
  2. If your machine is a part of an active cluster, rebalance the cluster to take the node out of the configuration.
  3. Update clients to point to an available node within the Couchbase Server cluster.

To uninstall Couchbase Server

  1. Open the Applications folder and drag the Couchbase Server icon to the trash. Alternatively, delete the previous installation from the command line. If required, provide administrator credentials to complete the deletion.
  2. Delete the Couchbase and Membase folders from the ~/Library/Application Support folder for the user that was running Couchbase Server. This operation removes the application data.
    > rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Couchbase
    > rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Membase