Resource requirements

Resource requirements

Specifications for installing Couchbase Server.

Recommended specification

To install Couchbase Server, follow these guidelines:

  • Quad-core for key-value store, 64-bit CPU running at 3GHz.

  • Six cores if XDCR (Cross Data Center Replication) and views are used.

  • 16GB RAM (physical).

  • Block-based storage device (hard disk, SSD, EBS, iSCSI). Network filesystems such as CIFS and NFS are not supported.

Minimum specification

A machine with minimum specifications must have:

  • Dual-core CPU running at 2GHz for key-value store.
  • 4GB RAM (physical).
Note: For development and testing purposes, you can use reduced CPU and RAM resources compared to the specified minimum. This can be as low as 1GB of free RAM beyond operating system requirements and a single CPU core. For production, however, the minumum specification must be implemented.
Note: Performance on machines configured with specifications lower than the minimum is significantly lower and cannot be used as an indication of the performance on a production machine. View performance on machines with less than 2 CPU cores is significantly reduced.

Memory requirements

Your machine must have enough memory to run the operating system and Couchbase Server. For example, if 8GB of RAM is dedicated to Couchbase Server, there must be also enough RAM to host the operating system. If additional applications and servers are running, additional RAM is required. For smaller systems, such as those with less than 16GB, allocate at least 40% of RAM to the operating system.

Storage requirements

The following amount of storage must be available:

  • 1GB for application logging.
  • At least twice the disk space to match the physical RAM for persistence of information.

CLI utilities requirements

Couchbase command line utilities require that Python version 2.6 or greater be installed on the system so that they can function properly.