Mac OS X installation

Mac OS X installation

Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8 are supported, but for development purposes only.

Before you install, verify the list of supported platforms.

Mac OS X installation uses a Zip file with a stand-alone application that can be copied to the Applications folder or to any other location you choose. The installation location is not the same as the location of the Couchbase data files.

The following Mac operating systems are supported:

Platform Version 32 / 64 bit Supported
Mac OS 10.7 64 bit Developer only
Mac OS 10.8 64 bit Developer only

Use Archive Utility, the default archive file handler in Mac OS X, to unpack the Couchbase Server distribution. It is more difficult to diagnose non-functioning or damaged installations after extraction by other third party archive extraction tools.

Warning: Due to limitations within the Mac OS X operating system, the Mac OS X implementation is incompatible with other operating systems. It is not possible either to mix operating systems within the same cluster, or to configure XDCR between a Mac OS X and Windows or Linux cluster. If you need to move data between a Mac OS X cluster and a cluster hosted on another platform, use cbbackup and cbrestore . For more information, see Backing up and restoring between platforms

To perform the installation, follow the steps in Installing on Mac OSX .