Nodes and clusters

Nodes and clusters

Couchbase Server can be used either in a standalone configuration or cluster configuration. A cluster configuration is multiple Couchbase Servers connected together to provide a single, distributed data store.

Couchbase Server or Node
A single Couchbase Server instance running on a machine (physical or virtual), EC2 instance or other environment.

All instances are identical, provide the same functionality, interfaces, and systems, and consist of the same components.

A cluster is a collection of one or more instances of Couchbase Server that are configured as a logical cluster. All nodes within the cluster are identical and provide the same functionality. Each node is capable of managing the cluster and each node can provide aggregate statistics and operational information about the cluster. User data is stored across the entire cluster through the vBucket system.

Clusters operate in a completely horizontal fashion. To increase the size of a cluster, add another node. There are no parent/child relationships or hierarchical structures involved. This means that Couchbase Server scales linearly, both in terms of increasing the storage capacity and performance and scalability.