Changing out-of-memory thresholds

Changing out-of-memory thresholds

A out-of-memory error message is sent when RAM consumption threshold is at 95%.


By default, Couchbase Server sends clients a temporary out-of-memory error message if RAM is 95% consumed and only 5% RAM remains for overhead. Use the cbepctl set flush_param mutation_mem-threshold command parameter to change this threshold value.

Note: We do not recommend that you change this default to a higher value. However, this value might be reduced if you need more RAM for system overhead such as disk queue or for server data structures.


Basic syntax:

cbepctl [localhost]:11210 -b [bucket-name] -p [bucket-password] set flush_param mutation_mem_threshold [value]


In this example, the threshold is reduced to 65% of RAM.

cbepctl -b foo-bucket -p foo-password set flush_param mutation_mem_threshold 65


The following example response shows the RAM threshold set to 65%.

setting param: mutation_mem_threshold 65
set mutation_mem_threshold to 65