Changing disk cleanup intervals

Changing disk cleanup intervals

Disk cleanup is the maintenance process of erasing expired items.


The cbepctl flush_param exp_pager_stime command sets the time interval for disk cleanup. Couchbase Server does lazy expiration, that is, expired items are flagged as deleted rather than being immediately erased. Couchbase Server has a maintenance process that periodically look through all information and erase expired items. By default, this maintenance process runs every 60 minutes, but it can be configured to run at a different interval.


Basic syntax:

cbepctl [localhost]:11210 -b [bucket-name] -p [bucket-password] set flush_param exp_pager_stime [value]


The following example sets the cleanup process to run every 600 seconds (10 minutes). This is the interval that Couchbase Server waits before it tries to remove expired items from disk.

cbepctl set flush_param exp_pager_stime 600


The following example response shows the cleanup process set to 600 seconds.

setting param: exp_pager_stime 600
set exp_pager_stime to 600