Diagnostics with couchbase-cli

Diagnostics with couchbase-cli

You can start, stop, and view status of a diagnostics collection by using the couchbase-cli tool.

Start log collection command

The start log collection command initiates a log collection process. You must specify whether to collect logs from all nodes or only specified nodes. You can optionally request the logs to be uploaded to Couchbase. If you request an upload to Couchbase, you must include the name of your organization and optionally a support ticket number. The command uses the following syntax:

couchbase-cli collect-logs-start -c host:8091 -u username -p password
{ --nodes=node1,node2,... | --all-nodes }
[--upload --upload-host=host --customer=name [--ticket=ticketNumber ] ]			

Stop log collection command

The stop log collection command cancels collection on each node. It uses the following syntax:

couchbase-cli collect-logs-stop -c host:8091 -u username -p password	

Report log collection status command

The report log collection status command returns information about each node. It uses the following syntax:

couchbase-cli collect-logs-status -c host:8091 -u username -p password