Developer Builds

Developer Builds

Why should you try the Couchbase Mobile Developer Builds?

Try the Couchbase Mobile Developer Builds to engage with Couchbase engineers and provide early feedback to influence key aspects of Couchbase Mobile 2.0. It will give us insight into how you use new features in your projects, where you run into issues, and how we can help resolve them.

Along the way, you will help our engineers and QA team ensure that the next stable version of Couchbase Mobile works for you and your team to meet your project goals.

Latest Developer Build

Couchbase Lite

Platform Release
Objective-C (iOS/tvOS/macOS) November 06, 2017 Get Started - Release notes Download - md5
Swift (iOS/tvOS/macOS) November 06, 2017 Get Started Demo Release notes Download - md5
.NET November 06, 2017 Get Started - Release notes Nuget instructions
Java November 06, 2017 Get Started - Release notes Maven instructions

Sync Gateway 1.5

To use replication with Couchbase Lite 2.0, you must use Sync Gateway 1.5. Download it here. Follow the instructions in the replication guide to configure the 2.0 replication protocol.


Be the first to check out upcoming Couchbase Mobile features! By reporting any bugs you encounter in the Couchbase Mobile github repo, you’ll help us catch edge cases faster.