What's New

What's New

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Couchbase Lite

N1QL for Couchbase Lite

Couchbase Lite 2.0 introduces a new Query API with semantics based on Couchbase Server's N1QL query language.

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WebSocket replication protocol

Couchbase Lite 2.0 uses a new replication protocol based on WebSockets. This protocol is designed to be faster and more efficient.

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Full-Text Search

This release includes the ability to run Full-Text Search queries on documents stored in the local database.

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Database Replicas

Replication between two local databases is now supported. This feature can be used for local incremental backups for example.

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Sync Gateway

No Conflicts Mode

Sync Gateway 2.0 introduces a 'no conflicts mode'. When enabled, Sync Gateway will reject any revision that would create a conflict. This mode is specifically designed for scenarios where you do not wish to use the multi version concurrency control aspect of Couchbase Mobile.

Sync Gateway Configuration

Example & Release Notes

Travel Sample

This application synchronizes documents with Sync Gateway 1.5 and Couchbase Server 5.0. Shared bucket access is enabled to allow web and mobile clients to perform the same operations on the bucket.

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Release Notes

This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements for Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite.

Couchbase Lite - 2.0 Beta

Sync Gateway - 2.0 Beta