Release notes

Release notes

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1.5 release


  • #1462 Sync Gateway Accelerator is reporting itself as Sync Gateway
  • #2151 The /{db}/_changes?include_docs=true request shouldn't return _user/user docs
  • #2626 Possibility of notifications being skipped which can result in sequence numbers to be wrongly allocated


  • #2367 Omitting the logFilePath property in the logging configuration of Sync Gateway results in a null pointer exception crash
  • #2381 SG Replicate stops when an attachment with no content type is replicated
  • #2400 SG collect info is not case sensitive on the config's logFilePath property
  • #2421 Discard new rev sequence if it is less than a docs current rev sequence, to avoid issues with caching
  • #2500 Webhook event not fired when using bucket shadowing