Configuration Options

Configuration Options

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Configuration properties

Name Value
providers A map of OIDC provider definitions.
default_provider Optional. Provider to use for OIDC requests that don't specify a provider. If only one provider is specified in the providers map, it is used as the default provider. If multiple providers are defined and default_provider is not specified, requests to /db/_oidc must specify the provider parameter.

The providers map is a named collection of providers, with the following properties for each provider.

Name Value
issuer The OpenID Connect Provider issuer.
client_id The client ID defined in the provider for Sync Gateway.
validation_key Client secret associated with the client. Required for auth code flow.
signing_method Optional. Signing method used for validation key (provides additional security).
callback_url Optional. The callback URL to be invoked after the end-user obtains a client token. When not provided, Sync Gateway will generate it based on the incoming request.
register Optional. Whether Sync Gateway should automatically create users for successfully authenticated users that don't have an already existing user in Sync Gateway.
disable_session Optional. By default, Sync Gateway will create a new session for the user upon successful OIDC authentication, and set that session in the usual way on the _oidc_callback and _oidc_refresh responses. If disable_session is set to true, the session is not created (clients must use the ID token for subsequent authentications).
scope Optional. By default, Sync Gateway uses the scope "openid email" when calling the OP's authorize endpoint. If the scope property is defined in the config (as a map of string values), it will override this scope.
include_access Optional. When true, the oidccallback response will include the access_token, expires_at and token_type properties returned by the OP.
user_prefix Optional. Specifies the prefix for Sync Gateway usernames for the provider. When not specified, defaults to issuer.
discovery_url Optional. Discovery URL used to obtain the OpenID Connect provider configuration. If not specified, the default discovery endpoint of [issuer]/.well-known/openid-configuration will be used.
disable_cfg_validation Optional. Disables strict validation of the OpenID Connect configuration.