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What's new

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Sync Gateway Accelerator

Sync Gateway Accelerator is a new component in the Couchbase ecosystem to increase write performance of a Sync Gateway cluster. The goal of Sync Gateway Accelerator is to move the mutation feed processing off Sync Gateway nodes, and instead distribute this work across a cluster of Sync Gateway Accelerator nodes.

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Log Rotation

Introduced in 1.4, Sync Gateway can now be configured to perform. Previously this add to be done through external scripts. This feature can be enabled in the Sync Gateway configuration file. Log rotation is a recommended method to minimize disk space usage.

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ToDo Sample

This step by steps tutorial walks you through some of the more advanced features of Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway. Such as running complex map-reduce queries, custom conflict resolution rules, user login and managing all aspects of security in the Sync Function.

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Release Notes

This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements for Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite.

Couchbase Lite - 1.4

Sync Gateway - 1.4