Release notes

Release notes

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Platform: iOS Android WPF

1.4.1 release


  • #2373 Add sample config for SG running with Accel
  • #2428 Avoid document body unmarshalling on changes requests


  • #1518 Data races detected in channel_cache.go
  • #2364 Omit doc during Changes+ logging
  • #2365 Account for unused sequences after CAS retry and subsequent cancel
  • #2427 CBSE: Data race in trimEncodedRevisionsToAncestor

1.4 release

New features

Performance Improvements

  • #1514 Run long-running performance tests against 1.4


  • #1713 [sg-accel] Use reference counts to track active channels
  • #1925 HTTP basic auth for webhooks
  • #2098 Upgrade build to go 1.7.1
  • #2160 Add log rotation capabilities into Sync Gateway
  • #2255 Update sgcollect_info to collect logs defined logging config
  • #2298 Update sgcollect_info to capture rotated logs


  • #1529 Longpoll _changes request that returns no results, returns invalid sequence number for last_seq
  • #1865 One shot replication of granting access doc can lead to miss documents
  • #1890 Calling db _online when CBS bucket is not available results in "no such database" even when CBS bucket is available again
  • #2080 Startup error when config includes unsupported/user_views
  • #2084 Update Windows install folder for sg_accel
  • #2102 Protect against empty doc body in handlePutDoc
  • #2139 Sg_accel packages should use example config from sync-gateway-accel repo
  • #2159 Handle channel removal for coalesced feed updates
  • #2187 SG panic when upgrading keepalive http connection to WebSockets
  • #2212 Channel filtered sg-replicate stops due to channel removals
  • #2270 Starting sync gateway from command line does not always report the right status

Known Issues

  • #2341 Channel_index bucket authentication requires username

Deprecation notices

The following features are being deprecated in 1.4 and will be unsupported in an upcoming version (2.x) of Couchbase Mobile.

  • Bucket Shadowing

Where to get it

You can download this release from the downloads page.