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Platform: iOS Android WPF

API change

  • An isDeletion property is now available on the DatabaseChange object to identify if a change is tombstone document.

Performance Improvements

  • #1389 Allow SQLite reads concurrently with writer
  • #1497 Update ForestDB to get improved compaction / space reuse


  • #1538 Make CBLDatabaseChange.isDeletion public?


  • #794 "!_changeTracker" assertion failure in -[CBLRestPuller startChangeTracker]
  • #1207 Push replication stops with error 400 bad_request
  • #1243 Replication task missing source or target values
  • #1285 REST API does not allow GET on a db with "/" in its name
  • #1343 Need to close all other db handles before rekeying
  • #1365 Non-continuous push replication gets stuck in kCBLReplicationIdle status
  • #1422 ForestDB crashes frequently in the background because of protection data level
  • #1429 1.3.1-6: crashed EXCBADACCESS KERNINVALIDADDRESS 0x0000000000000000
  • #1442 Collection class properties not propagating from CBLDocument to CBLModel after sync
  • #1443 Handle iOS file protection gracefully when in background
  • #1461 ForestDB: Assertion failure in -MYBackgroundMonitor beginBackgroundTaskNamed: MYBackgroundMonitor.m:66
  • #1467 Memory leak caused by ref cycle between replicator and CBLRemoteSession
  • #1556 Assertion failed: (_changesTimeout > 0)
  • #1557 Exception caught in CBLDatabase transaction
  • #1558 Not all updates propagating while under load
  • #1568 Attachments failing to push after delete / create (ForestDB)
  • #1579 [NSLock lock]: deadlock when deleting database (ForestDB)
  • #1580 Wrong "reason" response for GET on purged documents
  • #1621 OIDC failing with Grocery Sync when creating new google project

Deprecation notices

The following features are being deprecated in Couchbase Mobile 1.4 and will be unsupported in 2.0.

  • ForestDB
  • Geo queries

The following platforms are being deprecated in Couchbase Mobile 1.4 and will be unsupported in 2.0.

  • iOS 8

Where to get it

You can download this release from the downloads page.