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Platform: iOS Android WPF

API change

  • An isDeletion property is now available on the DatabaseChange object to identify if a change is tombstone document.


  • #245 Implement LINQ IQueryable
  • #575 Package Custom SQLite
  • #709 Implement LiteServ on mobile platforms
  • #741 Remove Mono.Security build
  • #745 Support 'stale=false' queries in Listener
  • #766 Push replication does not work when attachment content type is missing
  • #797 Add DatabaseChangedEventArgs.IsDeletion to public API
  • #802 Attempt to silence websockets when they shutdown


  • #672 .NET LiteServ is loading windows specific binaries on mac
  • #710 SQL Exception caused by trying to query non-existent maps_# table
  • #713 QueryOptions skip and limit used incorrectly during reduce
  • #718 V1.3 Continuous replication stops on change tracker error
  • #719 Replication - Inconsistent Number of Documents After Replicating
  • #724 V1.3 GetPendingDocumentIDs value is cached while offline for Push
  • #725 Replication fails to authenticate with POST _replicate cookie.
  • #727 BlobStoreWriter fails to delete encryption marker when removing encryption
  • #731 Missing docs when pushing to multiple sync gateways
  • #732 Transaction rollback does not invalidate cached doc ID map
  • #735 SIGSEGV when closing a database while replication is still active
  • #742 CB Lite on Android Xamarin fails to replicate when local DB is large
  • #749 Attachments failed to replicate when deleted and recreated
  • #753 SQLiteStorageEngine can return stale data in rare cases
  • #755 Pull replication gets stuck in Active with more completed changes than pending changes
  • #756 Pusher does not report "Forbidden" errors
  • #757 Replicator should not assume LastSequence is an integer
  • #765 Not all docs replicating with p2p .NET pull replication
  • #767 Changes feed skipping changes on rapid long poll
  • #772 ManagementException in GetWindowsName() of Platform.cs
  • #773 BrowseService's Dispose crash fix not merged to Master?
  • #776 Replication.Stop() doesn't release sockets
  • #779 Attachments disappearing from docs when continuous pull is enabled
  • #782 Encrypted attachments fail to push
  • #785 NullReferenceException in Replication.GetStatusFromError
  • #789 Investigate root cause of deletion not propagating to .NET client
  • #795 Set ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol
  • #796 Headers not sent when pullReplication.Continuous = true
  • #803 NullReferenceException in WebSocketChangeTracker
  • #804 Attachment doesn't handle non-seekable streams gracefully
  • #806 1.4 SQLite returns incorrect reason on REST API Get to purged doc
  • #807 Handle closed web sockets by reconnecting
  • #825 Pull replication doesn't restart with web sockets
  • #826 .NET not sending all docs to a client pull replication (p2p, SSL)

Deprecation notices

The following features are being deprecated in Couchbase Mobile 1.4 and will be unsupported in 2.0.

  • ForestDB
  • Bonjour P2P Discovery Service

The following platforms are being deprecated in Couchbase Mobile 1.4 and will be unsupported in 2.0.

  • .NET 3.5

Where to get it

You can download this release from the downloads page.