1.3 Thursday, August 3, 2016

1.3 Thursday, August 3, 2016

As part of this release we had 58 issues closed.

Sync Gateway 1.3 includes a collection of new features, in addition to many smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

  • OpenID Connect Authentication: Adds support for Sync Gateway authentication via OpenID Connect - enabling easier integration with identity providers such as Google+ and Azure AD.
  • Document Expiry: Use the expiry property to schedule automatic purge of your obsolete documents.
  • Sync Gateway replication: Integrated replication between Sync Gateway clusters.
  • Improved support tooling: The sgcollect_info tool simplifies collection and reporting of Sync Gateway diagnostics.

Performance Improvements

  • #1631 Disable assimilator when autoImport=false and shadower=nil
  • #1752 Major inefficiencies replicating docs with many revisions


  • #508 Feature Request: Oauth2 Support
  • #656 special characters in channel names cause error
  • #1331 Create and distribute a diagnostics tool
  • #1623 POST to _changes is incompatible with CouchDB's implementation
  • #1634 Querying a view via the Public REST API returns total row count
  • #1663 Add _replicate support to SG admin REST API
  • #1680 SGW /{db}/{doc}?revs_info=true doesn't show revision info
  • #1683 Allow forward slashes in attachment names
  • #1685 Misleading error message when trying to add attachment to unavailable document
  • #1688 Implement OpenID Connect relying-party support
  • #1710 Ability for Sync Gateway to bring itself back online after unexpected offline
  • #1774 Functional tests for OIDC authentication
  • #1926 Handle invalid username characters in OIDC issuer, subject


  • #1034 SyncGateway not looking up the ancestry to find an attachment
  • #1286 Removing a node from CB-cluster and rebalance causing writer SG to crash
  • #1384 Changes feed returning duplicates for * channel
  • #1388 [Distributed Index] Panic when restarting sync_gateway
  • #1471 [Distributed Index] Panic when shutting down sg_accel while it is indexing
  • #1575 New warning happening on SG 1.2: "MultiChangesFeed: Terminator missing for Continuous/Wait mode"
  • #1631 Disable assimilator when autoImport=false and shadower=nil
  • #1656 Users can be created with empty password even though allow_empty_password is False
  • #1691 Latest gocb breaks go get
  • #1702 ids filter does not return deleted docs
  • #1706 Attachments fail to sync if revpos ancestor on server has been compacted
  • #1712 Return an error for unsupported changes filter
  • #1728 Attachments still stored for documents rejected by sync function
  • #1736 Intermittent unit test failure - TestPostChangesChannelFilterClock
  • #1751 SG master doesn't compile on i386
  • #1760 Compiling for i386 fails in pruneRevisions
  • #1769 filter by channel works with arrays only
  • #1857 changes feed with doc_ids filter omits deleted properties

Known Issues

  • #1536 Improve logging when using sg_accel with non-writer config
  • #1979 OIDC - Azure AD must be default provider when using multiple providers
  • #2013 Azure returns unsigned ID token in response to refresh request


You can download this release from Couchbase.com

System Requirements

Sync Gateway 1.3 is compatible with the following editions of Couchbase Server:

Sync Gateway Couchbase Server
1.3 2.2.x
1.3 2.2.x
1.3 2.5.x
1.3 3.1
1.3 4.0
1.3 4.1
1.3 4.5