• Improve the documentation.

    If you have feedback about our documentation,  send us an email at docs@couchbase.com.

    It could be a typo, seemingly inacurrate instructions, or something that's just plain confusing. Either way, we want to know about it.

  • Report a bug or give usability feedback.

    If you come across a bug or find something unintuitive about Couchbase, let us know and we’ll work to fix it in the next release. For immediate help,  visit our support page.

  • Get involved with the code.

    Whether you have a fix for a typo in a component, a bugfix, or a new feature, we love to receive code from others!

    It takes a lot of work to get from a potential new bug fix or feature idea to well-tested shipping code. Our engineers want to help you get there.

  • Get involved with the community

    If you'd like to attend or run a meet-up, hang out on our forums, contribute to the Couchbase blog or more, learn more about the Couchbase developer community.